4.This mythical paradise beckons all to enter its enchanting realm! Fine white marble is skillfully carved to create several roman columns, beautiful maidens, and much more. Elaborate iron artistry for a stunning ceiling to top it off.
You Fine sculpture factory could provide you the satisfied quality and service.
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8.Delicate flowers and leaves adorn the centerpiece and surround the floral fireplace. Hand carved from white marble, this fireplace is available in any color or custom size. 





3.This Large Marble Gazebo is 1800cm (59ft) in Length, 1100cm (36ft) in Width.

For our customer from the United Kingdom, for his horse ranch.

The whole gazebo are made of high quality white marble, it is such holy!

Our Artists carved each part by sincere heart, that ensure the whole safety and beauty of the whole gazebo!

We can customized this gazebo based on any your required size and material!








1.Ten Greek ladies form the columns of this Rosetta Marble Gazebo. Pure hand carved by our team of gazebo masters, these statues are incredibly lifelike and flawless in detail.